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Protect your family's health

Stop drinking chemically treated tap water and wasting hard earned money on unhealthy bottled water. Begin a revolutionary change for yourself and your family. This water has the power to transform your everyday life. Sodas and sports drinks are acidic and our bodies are acidic. Alkaline water intake can bring us back to a neutral state, allowing our bodies to heal and hydrate naturally. It is commonly known in the medical community that disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment and disease and illness thrives in an acidic environment. Drinking alkaline water can improve a body's hydration and when its running properly, can allow healing to begin naturally.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water:
  • Micro-clustering properties won't leave you feeling bloated 
  • 8.5 to 9.5 pH  can restore a dehydrated body
  • Free from harmful chemicals including chlorine, zinc and fluoride​
  • Eliminate the burning sensation while exercising
  • Drinking electrolyzed water indirectly reduces the use of  plastic bottles that is a source of environmental contamination

For your Pets
We spend a lot to maintain our pets health, taking them to their own doctors and buying premium food. They are apart of the family, they deserve premium water too!
  • 8.5 pH water for drinking
  • 2.5 pH for bathing and disinfecting their areas