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Have you ever bit into an apple and tasted a waxy texture? That's because it wasn't cleaned properly. Thoroughly cleaning fruits and veggies with 11.5 pH water will not only protect you from chemicals from the farm, but they can taste better. 11.5 pH can emulsefy oil based insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides that tap water cannot. 

How about drinking hot tea and enjoying robust flavors? Discover how Kangen Water ® can improve the quality of your food and beverages!

Food preparation

Use 11.5 pH water to t​horoughly clean off pesticides and chemicals, eliminate the wax residue on those apples.

Even organic produce should be cleaned!


Use 8.5 - 9.5 pH water to:

  • ​Boil vegetables to bring out more flavor 
  • ​Use for tea and coffee for a richer taste
  • ​Create gourmet sauces, entrees and desserts
  • Create fluffy and rich oatmeal, rice, quinoa, etc

Residue off of tomatoes and grapes